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You took the job to get your foot in the door, now what?

I’ve recently been struck by the number of people who’ve accepted a position with a great organization to get their foot in the door, but they didn’t have a strategy in place for their career beyond that.

Common Mistakes

  • Assuming that people will realize you’re awesome and offer opportunities for advancement right away.
  • Keeping your head down, doing the work, and expecting your work to do all of the talking for you.
  • Failure to get acclimated with various parts of the organization.

Here’s you should do if you’ve accepted or about to accept a “foot in the door” position.

  • Prior to starting your new position research the various departments within the organization and create a short list of positions you’re interested in. Don’t marry your list, you need to be open to positions that may be a good fit for your skills.
  • Use your personal network and LinkedIn to find out who’s who within the departments that you are interested in. You’ll want to get meet these individuals when you do introductions.
  • Work your ass off, seriously your goal isn’t to stay in the “foot in the door” position. If you’re going to have a chance of moving  you have to make a good impression in the position you were hired for. This means show up early, exceed expectations, stay late from time to time; if necessary.
  • Ask questions, the best way to get noticed in meetings is to ask intriguing questions. Show up to each meeting well researched and prepared to be a part of the discussion. Don’t ask questions that you can easily find the answer to.
  • Make your interest known, speak with the power players within your department and  within the department that you’re interested in. Let them know what skills you can bring to the position of interest and how it will fit within the overall organization goals. You should approach these conversations with confidence, not arrogance.

It’s never too late to make a move into the position that you’re interested in. Good luck and let me know how it goes.



Top Conferences to attend in 2015

I’m a huge advocate of investing in your career, In my book, Navigating The Career Jungle: A Guide For Young Professionals I emphasize the importance of joining professional organizations, subscribing to industry publications, and attending conferences. Attending conferences can be costly however, the benefits can catapult your career. Networking, increasing your industry knowledge, and developing new skills are what savvy professionals do when they attend conferences. If you don’t know where to begin here’s a list of seven conferences worth checking out.

  1. Forté C2B Leadership Conference New York: April 10, 2015 • Atlanta: April 15, 2015
  2.  Inc Women’s Summit New York: September 17, 2015
  3. Leadercast Live Atlanta: May 08, 2015
  4. Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit Fort Lauderdale, Fla., March 2-4, 2015
  5. AICPA CFO Conference  Denver: May 13-15, 2015
  6. AMA 2015 Annual Conference: Inspired Marketing!  Austin, TX  September 27-29 2015
  7. SHRM ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXPOSITION Las Vegas June 28 – July 01

If you’re looking for an industry specific conference search for professionals associations ( just google it).  Let me know what conference you’re attending this year. ~ Jacqueline

4 Types People to Include on Your Personal Board of Directors

Having a team to help you achieve career growth is not only a trend, it’s actually a pretty good idea. After-all, we’ve heard for years that two heads are better than one. I’ve taken some time to consider the types of people I would recruit to be on my personal board of directors (PBOD).

A STRAIGHT SHOOTER The person who doesn’t sugar coat anything. The benefit of having a straight shooter on a PBOD is because you need the raw honesty especially, when you’re in a slump. A good kick in the butt will keep you pushing toward your goals.

AN ENCOURAGER The person who encourages you, listens to you complain and then tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The encourager can also be referred to as the cheer leader.

A CONNECTOR The person who is a master at networking. The benefit of the connector  is that they can put you in contact with just about anyone.

A Jack Of Trades The person who wears many hats can help you bootstramp your way to achieving your goals. For example, need a website they can build a basic one. If you need a furniture,they can build something basic. You get my point.

When selecting members for a your Personal Board of Directors be strategic and don’t rush to fill spots. You’ll spend a vast amount of time with these individuals, be sure that you trust them and you’re comfortable sharing all of your goals. You should also consider each person’s career path when making your decision. Good Luck and keep me posting on your success.

~ Jacqueline


4 Simple Tips For a Productive Day

The secret to a productive day isn’t a latte, a workout, or even a yummy breakfast. It’s these simple tips that will propel you to having a productive day.

1. Do your best everyday.
2. Find an accountability partner.
3. Less TV, More Action.
4. Create small manageable task. (Break down those big goals)
5. Do your best everyday. *I had to mention it twice*

Keep it simple and have a great day!



5 Inspiring Takeaways from the Young Leaders Roundtable

yound leaders roundtable

Left to Right Dan, Lindsay, Jacqueline, and Angel

5 Inspiring Takeaways from the  Young Leaders Roundtable

On December 2, 2014 General Assembly and Local Levo Atlanta hosted a young leader’s roundtable.  I was honored to moderate the panel of young rock stars!  In the audience were young and aspiring leaders from various industries and organizations. It was an evening of engaging conversation with the diverse panel.

I’ve summarized 5 takeaways from each of the panelist and I hope it provides you with encouragement to reach your full leadership potential.




The Best Public Speaking Advice

A few years ago, I received a few gems of speaking advice that I share with anyone is looking to develop their public speaking skills. This advice while simple is very relevant.

  1. Know your audience. An active speaker understands the audience that they’re speaking to. Ask the host about the demographics of the audience and, tailor your talk so that it’s relevant to the people who are listening to you.
  2. Know your stuff. Study the material that you’re going to present you do not have to rely heavily on note-cards or a presentation slide deck.speaker
  3. Get to the point, and sit down. No one pays attention to the speaker who rambles on and on. After you reach the objectives of your speech, take your seat.

Apply these simple tips to your next speaking engagement and let me know how it goes.

~ @jvtwillie