7 Powerful TED Talks that will fascinate you

I just learned about TED Talks a few years ago. I know, I know where was I? Since then, I’ve indulged in the videos and even listen to the podcast version. The talks force me to dig deeper and challenge myself to take action. Here are 7 Ted Talks that have completely captivated me. Collectively, the TED Talks challenged me to evaluate my daily activities and get off my tush to be a change agent. I’ve expanded my frame of reference and have begun to consistently push beyond my own comfort zone.

I started with Amy Cuddy’s Body language talk I was guilty of sending the wrong message with my body language.  

Then, I watched Angela Lee Duckworth’s Success & Grit talk Let’s be real there are times when you just want to have a pity party. But, add grit to your attitude and it and make a world of difference. 

I was reminded to talk at different situations from various viewpoints when I saw Malcom Gladwell’s unheard story of David & Goliath 

Rita Pierson, sparked a fire in me to give back to youth after I heard her speak so passionately about kids needing a champion 

I’m an avid reader and was nodding my head as I watched Lis Bu passionatly talk about books. 

As a student of leadership, I’ve always been a fan of Simon Sinek and his talk about Leaders inspiring action, encouraged me to share with this video my peers 

And one of the most important TED Talks I’ve watched this year was Arianna Huffington’s

talk on sleeping more to succeed. Daily schedules are hectic but it’s good to remember that sleep is an essential part of life.

Let me know what TED Talks inspire you. ~ Jacqueline


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