4 Types People to Include on Your Personal Board of Directors

Having a team to help you achieve career growth is not only a trend, it’s actually a pretty good idea. After-all, we’ve heard for years that two heads are better than one. I’ve taken some time to consider the types of people I would recruit to be on my personal board of directors (PBOD).

A STRAIGHT SHOOTER The person who doesn’t sugar coat anything. The benefit of having a straight shooter on a PBOD is because you need the raw honesty especially, when you’re in a slump. A good kick in the butt will keep you pushing toward your goals.

AN ENCOURAGER The person who encourages you, listens to you complain and then tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The encourager can also be referred to as the cheer leader.

A CONNECTOR The person who is a master at networking. The benefit of the connector  is that they can put you in contact with just about anyone.

A Jack Of Trades The person who wears many hats can help you bootstramp your way to achieving your goals. For example, need a website they can build a basic one. If you need a furniture,they can build something basic. You get my point.

When selecting members for a your Personal Board of Directors be strategic and don’t rush to fill spots. You’ll spend a vast amount of time with these individuals, be sure that you trust them and you’re comfortable sharing all of your goals. You should also consider each person’s career path when making your decision. Good Luck and keep me posting on your success.

~ Jacqueline



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