In preparation for my annual vision board party. I created a Vision Board Goals Template. it’s a simple worksheet to help you gather ideas in one place.


  1. Take some time to think about the past goals, accomplishments, and anything you want to achieve. Your time of reflection should be done in advance of you writing your 2015 goals.
  2. Use the worksheet as a tool, and don’t limit yourself. If you need additional space to write your vision, go for it.
  3. It’s important to remember that your vision can evolve so, don’t worry if you don’t capture everything during one setting. It’s ok to go back to your board later and add to it.
  4. Get a poster, a magazine, sissisors, glue sticks, and start cutting. When you start cutting images from magazines find the images that best relate to the goals that you’ve written down. (it’s good to have a variety of magazines).
  5. HAVE FUN (The bubbly will be flowing, at least it will be at my party)!

Click here to download the vision board worksheet.


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