help! I don’t get along with my coworkers

The ability to get along with others is critical to your career success. While it isn’t realistic to think that you will see eye-to-eye on every issue, it’s a huge red flag if you can’t get along with peers. It can be difficult for the most talented individuals to contribute to company goals effectively if they are in a crabby conflict driven environment. Whenever there is conflict in the office, it slows productivity and can hinder company profits. ( plus, the drama could hurt when it comes to a performance review). So here’s a short list of suggestions to help you turn the tide or exit a unproductive work environment.

1. Ask yourself will this matter in 5 years? If the reason why you have conflict is small, then you may need to suck it up and move on. If it’s not a small matter, then it’s time to have a professional and honest chat over lunch. This is not a blame game lunch, it is a “put all on the table lunch/clear the air” lunch. The goal is to find a way to move forward so that you can achieve the objectives you were hired to complete.

2.Check your attitude. Sometimes it’s not other people it’s you. Everyone says that you should leave work at work and home at home but to be honest it’s really hard. Think about what’s going on in your life. If you’re experiencing difficulty in one area of your life find ways to prevent that issue from spilling over into your professional life.

If it’s a major conflict such as a disagreement that conflicts with your values and integrity in the way business is done then…

3. Update your resume. If there’s nothing you can do to turn the situation around. Remain respectful, continue to produce your best work, and actively begin your job search.

Never compromise your work ethic or integrity because you’re having a prideful moment. It’s never a good thing to burn bridges, so remain respectful despite your disagreements with your coworkers.

~ Jacqueline


One thought on “help! I don’t get along with my coworkers

  1. hersavvycareer

    The ability to be able to deal with and resolve conflict is critical. As you mature in you career you will find you can’t avoid all conflict and sometime you will need to face and deal with it. Great point about looking at whether it will matter in 5 years. Great perspective.

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